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The attached files each contain about 10 or so articles about the Rosellas. They have been grouped roughly into categories.  Have a look - you're sure to find the articles interesting. Please allow up to 20 seconds for each category to open. Slim Hunter wrote many poems about West players - he also wrote the lyrics to the Club Song. Other former West Players are featured in the "Players" section of the photo galleries.

PA General Interest 1.            PA General Interest 2.      

PA General Interest 3  

PA Slim's Poems Vol 1.         PA Slim's Poems Vol 2

PA Slim's Poems Vol 3        PA Slim's Poems Vol 4        

PA Slim's Poems Vol 5          PA Memories 1

PA Past Players 1.              PA Past Players 2.              PA Past Players 3

Whatever happened to Arthur Green       Clayton Cup - 1937 to 2016

Jackie Wright                 Harker Oval           Brett Cullen   Neville Rounsley   Peter Mannion

Dennis Duncan    Owen Kilpatrick       Brian Stanbridge    John Hobby    Glen Maloney

Testimonial to Three West Stalwarts    WHiSpo - JOHN HOBBY FULL

David Howell           

2017 Year Book Part A1       2017 Year Book Part A2         2017 Year Book Part B

2017 Year Book Part C         2017 Year Book Part D          2017 Year Book Part E 

2017 Year Book Part F         2017 Year Book Part G           2017 Year Book Part H

2017 Year Book Part I


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